Testimonials & References


As a multi-location user, we needed the ability to adapt to specific regional needs as well as have a national program. The system has proven to be capable of meeting all of our needs thus far. UFMS set up team has been responsive, supportive and extremely helpful as we have progressed in our journey. Their knowledge and expertise has allowed us to take advantage of capturing and using information in ways we had not considered when the project started. This has enabled us to broaden the use internally. I am looking forward to further opportunities to take advantage of the information systems they have developed.

Jack Blandford Supply Chain Manager
Fort Garry Industries


UFMS is a complete and easy shipping tool that has significantly improved our day-to-day operations. UFMS has positively changed our work flow with such features as rate shopping, cost control and a complete range of reports that help us solidify our strengths and eliminate our weaknesses.Not to mention UFMS dedicated customer service approach; two thumbs up!!!

Daniel Germain
Directeur distribution / Distribution Director


Well.ca prides itself on strong customer service throughout every step of our shipping process. As a rapidly growing web-based company, we need to adapt quickly to changes. The software and support offered by UFMS is extremely helpful in both regards. The reporting features of UFMS are versatile and provide valuable information on our entire shipping process. All of our interaction with UFMS support have been effective and efficient. It is clear that UFMS is willing to grow with us. This helps us meet our present needs and gives us confidence that Well.ca’s future needs will be met by UFMS as well.

Ross McIntyre
Shipping Manager


UFMS has a GREAT TEAM!  As a customer, I am impressed with their quality of service. The people are extremely helpful, professional and respond quickly to our demands and needs. The product has saved us both time and money and who doesn’t want that? Keep up the good work!

Paul Robitaille
Chief  Information  Officer • Directeur des systèmes d’information


Essentially, this is the best combination of price and quality in the transportation industry. The software is intuitive and efficient. The customer service is amazing and always available to help us make the best use out of UFMS’ system.

Marie-Eve Koronkiewicz
Controller / Contrôleur


The Customer Service that we receive from UFMS is second to none.  As a Company who values Customer Service itself, it is a pleasure to deal with them on any issue.  We get immediate resolution of any issues encountered.  Our speed at processing shipments has increased since we have been using the UFMS system for the past 7 years and our customers benefit from the rate shopping aspect.

Kathy Haney
Warehouse Manager