About UFMS

 Dedicated to the Transportation Management Industry 

UFMS Inc. was founded by Mr. Fred K. Wong in 1992 after 9 years of serving major industry leading companies as a software consultant.

Since its inception UFMS has dedicated 100% of its resources to the development, integration and support of flexible and innovative distribution logistic solutions for a wide range of industries, large and small.  UFMS-Pro, our flagship Transportation Management System (TMS), is the direct result of observing and learning from visiting, on average, more than 20 distribution centers of all sizes monthly for over 20 years.  Our vision and the constant desire to deliver ‘Better than Expected’ experience for our clients is evident in the products and services the company is providing today.

The UFMS team is dedicated to making you more effective in your distribution environment. We are committed to the quality and integrity of our products and services, providing customers with complete distribution management solutions to ensure maximum return on their investment. Today, our TMS is implemented and performing successfully at hundreds of client sites throughout North America.

Meet The Founder

Fred Wong


President, Founder
Fred consulted as an ERP software specialist for 9 years to major industry leaders prior to the founding of UFMS Inc. in 1992.  Fred is known in the industry to be an innovative thinker and technical problem solver.  He has guided his team to design and implement numerous significant process improvement projects for our clients. Fred’s notable talent is his unique analytical skills and his constant desire to improve the user experience of the UFMS product suite.  Fred holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from University of Toronto.