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  • Are you tired of receiving barely legible post-it notes or loose-leaf papers?
  • Are you tired of having to put in unnecessary efforts and resources to gather missing information or confirm that the address is this or the name is that?
  • Are you aware at how costly mistakes in shipping addresses and services can be?
  • Would you like the ability to ensure that information provided to your shipper is right, from the get-go?
  • Would you like to allocate shipping costs within your firm and be able to invoice based on the proper usage?

On-Line ShipRequest allows your users to enter all their shipment details and to print the shipping request form themselves. The form comes complete with a 2D Bar Code that is scanned into your shipping system without the need to re-key any information. Mandatory fields can be set on the template to ensure your users fill out the form properly. Your shipping department receives a fully completed, legible and accurate shipping request form!


Example of entry screen



Example of printed form


Multiple Address Books

Multiple Address Books


Address Book Lis

Address Book List